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New 颇尔® Products and Related Applications

A series of webinars to showcase the latest, ground-breaking technologies in bioprocessing.Learn from the experts behind the research and development of our latest new products and innovations.

Continuous BioProcessing:Not A Revolution But An Evolution
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Date: July 20, 2016  Length: 58:03

What will I learn
  • The evolving nature of continuous bioprocessing technologies
  • Scalability solutions
  • Practical applications and methodologies of continuous bioprocessing systems
  • Decreased costs, smaller operational footprint, and improved asset utilization are invaluable benefits
The Latest Ready-to-Use Pyrogen Free Vials for Aseptic Filling of Drug Products:Introduction to Pyrofree Products
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Date: July 12, 2016  Length: 44:42

What will I learn
  • How the use of pyrogen-free vials can facilitate sterile drug product filling
  • How 颇尔's Pyrofree vials can help to accelerate and improve your small batch filling operations
  • Hear from 颇尔 experts on how the Pyrofree process has been qualified to comply with regulatory requirements for aseptic filling of drug products
A Highly Productive mAb Platform:Continuous Process Solution Combining Innovative Technologies and Recent 颇尔 Chromatography Sorbents
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Date: May 26, 2016  Length: 55:12

What will I learn
  • A simple methodology to develop and transfer a mAb process
  • The economics of continuous mode versus batch mode
  • The benefits in using high productive KANEKA KanCapA♦ sorbent
  • The powerful selectivity of CMM HyperCel™ sorbent and Mustang® Q membrane
Palltronic® Flowstar LGR Test Instrument:Mitigating Risks by Easy and Reliable Point-of-Use Leak Testing of Single-use Systems
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Date: April 21, 2016  Length: 48:08

What will I learn
  • How to perform point-of-use leak testing on single-use systems
  • How to ensure a risk-based approach for single-use technology implementation in critical process applications
  • How to mitigate risks of product loss or operator exposure due to potential risk of a single-use system leaking during product processing
Acoustic Wave Separation:An Enabling Technology for Continuous Downstream Processing

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Date: April 14, 2016  Length: 57:46

What will I learn
  • An overview of available continuous processing technologies
  • How acoustic wave separation works
  • How the technology removes volume limitations experienced by depth filtration including large footprint and buffer consumption or needing additives to enhance performance
Resolute® AutoPak:将色谱柱封装从艺术变为科学

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Date: July 22, 2015  Length: 1:03:55

What will I learn
  • How automation can greatly improve the efficiency of column operations
  • A chance to hear the findings of an early adopter of the Resolute AutoPak system
  • How automation has been implemented in the Resolute AutoPak system to improve efficiency
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Date: July 15, 2015  Length: 1:00:46

What will I learn
  • The features and benefits of a new range of large-scale single-use bioreactors
  • Hear directly from members of the development team behind the development of 颇尔's Allegro™ STR range of single-use systems
  • See a range of robustness and operational simplicity enhancements
利用 Kleenpak™ II 无菌连接器将大体积无菌流体的转移变得简单
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Date: December 17, 2014  Length: 44:40

What will I learn
  • Understand the design philosophy behind the Kleenpak II sterile connector and see how it complies with various compendial standards
  • How it was rigorously tested in various different biopharmaceutical applications and processes
  • How to use Kleenpak II sterile connectors to truly realize a completely single-use manufacturing facility for commercial-scale operation
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Date: March 6, 2014  Length: 43:32

What will I learn
  • The design approach of producing a flexible system for multiple single-use processes
  • How to carry out buffer prep, pH adjustment and sterile filtration
  • The key benefits of automation
  • How the benefits of single-use processing can be combined with the reliability of automation
先进的高通量蛋白分析:全新Octet® HTX系统

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Date: Feb 5, 2014  Length: 54:30

What will I learn
  • How to carry out high throughput titer determinations (96 samples in 2 minutes)
  • Improved and rapid characterization of antibody/antigen binding kinetics
  • See how growth media can be optimized faster in cell culture development for process monitoring
Development of a Next Generation Single-Use Bioreactor:The 颇尔® XRS 20 System
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Date: April 18, 2013  Length: 44:51

What will I learn
  • Review the gas-liquid mass transfer, mixing, and temperature stability design verification results
  • See cell culture performance results using an industrially-relevant model CHO cell line
  • How key robustness and ease-of-use attributes were designed into the system

Biopharmaceutical Industry Topics

Each webinar focuses on a key industry topic and outlines an innovative solution to help optimize and continuously improve your critical processes.

Production and Sterilization of Biopharmaceutical Nanoemulsions using Filtration
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Date: March 1, 2016  Length: 53:19

What will I learn
  • How Microfluidics and 颇尔 collaborated to develop a filtration-based alternative to terminal sterilization for a squalane emulsion
  • See the process of development for producing pharmaceutical nanoemulsions
  • The unique advantages of using the Microfluidizer® fluid processor and interaction chamber technology

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Date: April 29, 2014  Length: 56:24

What will I learn
  • Basic principles of the DoE methodology
  • See a case study exploring the use of Mustang® membrane and DoE to purify influenza virus
  • The unique advantages of membrane chromatography in downstream processing applications