Chromatography Seminar Series

颇尔’s series of free seminars will allow you take a closer look at some of the exciting new tools available now for protein purification.These seminars can be held as breakfast meetings, lunch & learns, or at other times during the day.Each will be facilitated by a 颇尔 specialist at your facility or via a webinar – the choice is yours.

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At 颇尔, we provide cost-effective and innovative chromatographic purification platforms that support today's demanding applications and productivity goals, offering exciting new selectivities that address the process challenges of today.

You may select from a series of seminars on the following topics:

Improving Downstream Processing Using
Mustang 膜层析法

Ion-exchange membranes offer potential for exploitation of very high usable flow rates and hence high throughput.Additionally the pre-packed format of membrane devices enables ease of use, unit-to-unit consistency and the opportunity for disposable chromatographic processes eliminating costly and time-consuming cleaning validation.Case studies will be presented with diverse applications from contaminant clearance to capture of target molecules in downstream purification processes highlighting scalability, fast and efficient capture of large molecules and improved process economics.In such applications, membrane chromatography provides a demonstrable alternative or complement to packed bed chromatography that is better suited for subsequent purification processes.

Recent Advances in Strategies for Purification of Monoclonal Antibodies

In current practice, conventional strategies for monoclonal antibody purification provide product of clinically-required purity in commercially practical yields.In most cases, purification schemes begin with affinity chromatography on a Protein-A sorbent followed by two additional chromatographic steps, usually a combination of cation exchange, anion exchange or hydrophobic interaction chromatography.Having advanced the art to this state of technical maturity, process developers are increasingly looking toward strategies and techniques to materially enhance the practical efficiency and process economics of the overall purification scheme, while maintaining required product quality.In studies directed toward this goal, various workers have described evaluation of novel chromatographic sorbents and membrane chromatography products for use in both capture chromatography and polishing steps.This seminar will include examination of such studies, some reporting recovery of product judged to be of purity consistent with human therapeutic use.In these studies, explicitly stated research objectives include enhanced process economics and practical improvements in process flow.Materials and techniques to be examined during the seminar include:
  • Hydrophobic charge induction chromatography on MEP HyperCel™ sorbent for both capture and polishing steps
  • Enhanced-diffusion ion exchange chromatography on CM Ceramic HyperD™ sorbent for capture applications
  • Anion exchange on Mustang-Q® membrane chromatography products for polishing steps

High-Productivity Ion Exchange Sorbents
with Distinctive Selectivity Characteristics

Today’s process developers are charged with the design of purification schemes that provide product of required purity while using techniques that contribute to favorable process economics.In screening candidate sorbents, process developers seek to identify sorbents whose selectivity characteristics provide efficient resolution of the target protein from key impurities.Accordingly, screening studies are most likely to be fruitful when they include sorbents known to represent a range of selectivity characteristics.Q and S HyperCel™, two new ion exchange sorbents from 颇尔 Life Sciences, were designed to provide distinctive selectivity characteristics.These sorbents feature high dynamic binding capacity at short residence times, along with pressure/flow characteristics that facilitate use at high linear velocity, all supporting enhanced process economics.The basis for the sorbents' distinctive selectivity characteristics will be considered and example separations presented.

General Overview of 颇尔 Chromatography Capabilities

颇尔 Life Sciences provides cost-effective and innovative chromatographic purification platforms that support today’s demanding applications and productivity goals.颇尔 products, in operation in many downstream biopharmaceutical processes, offer exciting new selectivities that address today’s process challenges such as true scalability from laboratory to process scale, and unique platforms that enhance process economics.This presentation will provide a technical overview of some of the key products in 颇尔’s chromatography portfolio, including application data demonstrating how they can be of benefit in a downstream process.