Allegro MVP 一次性系统

A fully automated bioprocessing system, providing flexibility and improved productivity in upstream and downstream single-use processing
Single-use technology continues to be adopted across many areas of bioprocessing.The use of automation provides additional benefits in manufacture such as consistency in product quality, reduced labor costs and reduction of operator errors.

The Allegro MVP system is designed for use across a range of bioprocessing activities such as:
  • 除菌过滤
  • Bioburden reduction
  • 深层过滤
  • 病毒去除
  • 培养基和缓冲液制备
  • 膜层析
  • pH adjustment
  • 病毒灭活
  • 最终制剂和灌装
The Allegro MVP system uses fully disposable flowpaths, and incorporates single-use sensors for control and monitoring of key parameters.This enables processing to be conducted at optimum conditions, using fully automated process sequences.

Key Attributes

  • Good engineering design provides reliability, robust operation and minimizes risk of operator error
  • High degree of automation enables precise and consistent operation, control of key parameters, and minimizes operator contact
  • High degree of flexibility to run many different processes