Laboratory Products General Limited Warranty and Policies

General Limited Warranty

Warranty, Limitation of Liability and Remedies

  1. There is no warranty of merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose with respect to any of the products, nor is there any other warranty expressed or implied, except as provided for herein.
  2. For a period of 12 months from the date of delivery from Seller (the “Warranty Period”), Seller warrants that products manufactured by Seller, when properly installed and maintained, and operated at ratings, specifications, and design conditions, will be free from defects in material and workmanship.
  3. Seller’s liability under any warranty is limited solely (in Seller’s discretion) to replacing (F.O.B. original ship point), repairing, or issuing credit for products which become defective during the Warranty Period.Purchaser shall notify Seller promptly in writing of any claims and provide Seller with an opportunity to inspect and test the product claimed to be defective.
  4. Buyer shall provide Seller with a copy of the original invoice for the product, and prepay all freight charges to return any products to Seller’s factory, or other facility designated by Seller.All claims must be accompanied by full particulars, including system operating conditions, if applicable. 
  5. In no event shall Seller be liable for any product altered outside of the Seller’s factory by someone other than Seller or for a product subjected to misuse, abuse, improper installation, application, operation, maintenance or repair, alteration, accident or negligence in use, storage, transportation, or handling. 
  6. In no event will Seller be liable for any damages, incidental, consequential or otherwise, whether arising out of or in connection with the manufacture, packaging, delivery, storage, use, misuse, or non-use of any of its products or any other cause whatsoever.


Special Orders

Occasionally, customers have requirements for special non-catalog products, parts, or applications.Please inquire for a prompt answer to your needs.

Specification Changes

We reserve the right to discontinue any item without notice and to change specifications at any time without incurring any obligation to incorporate new features or modifications in previously sold products.

Company Responsibility

The recommendations and data given in this publication have been assembled from laboratory reports, various external sources, and tests conducted at 颇尔 Life Sciences.This material has been carefully compiled and is believed to be reliable.Because 颇尔 Life Sciences has no control over the conditions of use of its products, the company disclaims any responsibility for damages or injuries that might occur during the use of 颇尔 Life Sciences products.颇尔 Life Sciences warrants the reliability of its products to the full extent of the terms stated in the Statement of Warranty.

Security Statement

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We do not store credit card information on our web server, and require a re-entry of the credit card number for each purchase.

颇尔 Corporation Codes and Policies

颇尔 Standard Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of all 颇尔 products and services.View the complete list of 颇尔 Corporation Codes and Policies.