TEST #12 The Industry’s Broadest Portfolio of Vent Filters

Vent Filters Protect Your Lab Environment

排气过滤器 For the safety of lab technicians and sensitive equipment, always use a vent filter.这些装置可用作空气管线上的屏障。它们含有疏水性介质,这些介质可防止水和气溶胶进入敏感设备,还可以防止实验室环境受到雾化病原体的影响。排气过滤器还可使空气进入和排出生物反应器等容器,同时保持内部环境无菌。

Use vent filters from 颇尔 Life Sciences for venting receiving vessels, isolation or environmental chambers, bioreactors, fermentation tanks, carboys, and other small containers.Use in-line for low-pressure sterile air/gas delivery to instruments and culture vessels, bioisolation of a vacuum source, flushing instruments, and cleaning parts.  
  • Self-contained, compact filter devices provide high efficiency removal of airborne bacteria and particulate under dry or moist conditions.
  • Hydrophobic membranes prevent passage of aerosols, protecting equipment and staff.Hydrophobic membrane choices include:
    • PTFE – Offers the a high level of hydrophobicity and assures the best system performance when used as a sterile barrier in venting or particulate control.PTFE 不会吸收水分,因此不会导致气流的的过早减少。
    • PVDF – Can be gamma irradiated.
    • Glass Laminate – The most economical choice also provides the highest air flow rates.

  • Air flow is a critical performance parameter.Effective Filtration Areas (EFAs) range from 7.5 to 300 cm2, allowing users to select the appropriate vent size for their application.
  • Rugged polypropylene housings have broad chemical compatibility. 
  • AcroPak 300 capsule is 100% integrity tested to provide the high level of confidence you require.
  • Acro 50 vent devices with Emflon® II membrane are stable up to 5 mRads gamma irradiation.

The most important considerations when selecting a gas or vent filter are air flow rate and particulate/microorganism retention. 通气过滤器选择指南