TEST # Drug Screening Products

AcroPrep™ 384-well Filter Plates, 100 µL
AcroPrep 384 孔滤板(100 µL)Available in a variety of membrane configurations to meet the requirements of numerous applications.

AcroPrep 96 孔滤板(1 毫升)
AcroPrep 96 孔滤板(1 mL)优化用于要求更高单孔处理量的各种应用。

AcroPrep 96 孔滤板(350 微升)
AcroPrep 96 孔滤板(350 µL)滤板采用耐化学性、生物惰性的聚丙烯构造,配有透明的聚苯乙烯盖。

用于多点检测的AcroPrep Advance 滤板
用于多点检测的 AcroPrep Advance 滤板卓越的有孔胶体小珠截留率,极少的假阳性,确保试验结果的可重复性。

AcroPrep Advance Filter Plates for Aqueous Filtration
用于水溶液过滤的 AcroPrep Advance 滤板Provides direct flow of samples into receiver plate without concerns of cross contamination. 


AcroPrep Advance Filter Plates for Solvent Filtration
用于溶剂过滤的 AcroPrep Advance 滤板Robust chemical resistance provides compatibility with harsh organics.

AcroWell™ 96-well Membrane-bottom Plates with BioTrace™ PVDF and NT Membranes
BioTrace PVDF 和 NT 膜的 AcroWell 96 孔过滤板Excellent for parallel or automated DNA and protein detection applications.

AcroWell 96-well Membrane-bottom Plates with GHP Membrane
带GHP 膜的 AcroWell 96 孔过滤板AcroWell filter plates are designed for retention-based assays such as cell- or bead-based receptor:ligand screens.

Glass Fiber Filters
玻璃纤维过滤膜Reduces filtration costs and premature clogging when filtering difficult-to-filter or highly contaminated solutions.

Nanosep® and Nanosep MF Centrifugal Devices
Nanosep MF 离心机Simple, reliable concentrating and desalting of 50 to 500 µL samples.

Vacuum Manifold and Accessories
96孔滤板真空抽滤装置及配件Designed to perfectly fit AcroPrep and AcroWell filter plates.